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Since its 1977 inception, PCB Quotes has specialized in Rapid Prototyping & Quickturn PCB Manufacturing. PCB Quotes has been meeting the most compressed time cycles & time to market schedules in the North American marketplace.

With shrinking product life cycles, global competition and a challenging economy, more demanding product development cycles are a pre requisite for success. Ongoing programs, instituted by our incenticized PCB Career personnel, precipitate cost reducing and quicker manufacturing processes. Manufacturing 24 hours a day and weekends when required, enhances our flexibility to work on your schedule, not ours. Seasoned customer service and engineering personnel perpetuate our core goal, “Total Customer Satisfaction” by providing timely & competitively priced quotes, accurate order entry & verification, engineering & planning reviews, all resulting in the smooth transition upon release to the manufacturing floor. Uncompromising quality procedures with a “no excuses” delivery philosophy result in product realization when needed.

Our entire company vision and focus is based on the satisfaction of our customers. Twenty years of customer satisfaction surveys tell us customers choose Pacific West because of “10” main reasons, all contributing towards the accomplished goal of:

"How we are to do business with"

Whether it be 1-50 pieces in 12-24 hours or 1,000 16 layer PCB’s in 5 days we are a leading Rapid Prototype & Quickturn PCB Manufacturer. We believe we may have the best delivery success while having maintained the fastest average cycle time in the PCB industry for nearly 25 years.

We look forward to working with you soon! Learn more about us by exploring our site.